Street Furniture

Boîte au lettre La Poste
Pièces en aluminium pour abri bus Dejoie
garde corps en alu Fonderie Dejoie
Pièces en aluminium pour mobilier urbain Fonderie Dejoie
Pièces alu  mobilier panneaux de signalisation Fonderie Dejoie

Since 1949 (first contract with the French Postal Service) DEJOIE manufactures in addition the aluminium wall or column mail boxes for French and abroad post services (Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Saoudi Arabia...), city halls, civil services, private individuals.


DEJOIE can manufacture parts in aluminium or other material for the associated components, on drawing or according to your general specifications.

  • Dustbin : lids, bodies
  • Connecting/fastening parts for bus shelters or bicycle sheds,
  • Case or housing for urban lighting,
  • Connecting/fastening parts for road signs
  • Ornament parts,
  • Pedestrian crossing,
  • Aluminium parts for parking ticket machines (frame, base, installation, assembly),
  • Automaton front sides : DAB, stamping machines for bus or trains, tickets machines, petrol pumps.



From the study to the delivery :
from the raw part to subunits