Aluminium : one material, several applications

Barre d'alumium brut Dejoie
Barre d'alumium brut Dejoie
cuve aluminium fonderie Dejoie
Pièce Aluminium Dejoie

The use of aluminium has been developped for technical and economical reasons in many business lines.

Aluminium main characteristics

  • A low density / mass density :
  • A good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • A good corrosion resistance that can be strengthened by surface treatments (painting, anodization)
  • A good machinability and weldability (results may vary according to the quality used
  • Good mechanical specifications that can be improved through a thermal treatment (tempering, quenching, age-hardening)
  • A good recyclability : aluminium alloys can be 100% recycled

Various fields of application

  • Aluminium properties make it the preferred material for parts or subunits meant for :
  • the building trade
  • street furniture
  • industry
  • leisure and sports

Comparative table on densities / mass densities


For pure metal For pure metal mass density (kg/dm3)
Lithium 0,53
Magnesium 1,74
Aluminium 2,70
Titanium 4,51
Iron 7,86
Lopper 8,96
Lead 11,40