Sports and leisure

Pièce alu pour Skate parc Dejoie
Pièces en aluminium fondu dejoie
Pièce aluminum pour gradin de stade de sport Dejoie
Pièces aluminum pour parc de jeux enfants Dejoie

Its corrosion and mechanical resistance properties make of aluminium, one of the preferred material for the manufacturing of casting parts or subunits designed for sports and leisure equipments.


Tell us about your project, we shall make it in aluminium:

  • Boating : wedge and U-shaped holding fixture for boating,
  • Sports arena : handrail, chair support assembly, chair leg, bracket, end-piece for football goal post,
  • Entertainment : aluminium frame and lighting grid,
  • Playgrounds, inner and outer : lighting, basic ornament, handles,
  • Stepladder,
  • Pool houses : drain grate, manhole, cover wrap system.

From the study to the delivery :
from the raw part to subunits