To go further in your project

In order to bring a successful solution to your project, DEJOIE Company has a network of partners with complementary know-how : in design, engineering, plastic thermoforming, specific casting.

Labor Union born from the French Association of Forge and Foundry

Specialist in conception and manufacturing of secure accesses, of collective protection equipments and metal furniture

Conception and manufacturing of parts using plastic injection moulding

Technical Center for Engineering, business partner and service provider in the engineering field

Technical Center for Foundry Industries, research and development French center, specialized in foundry

Design Agency : product design, city design, street furniture, transport design

National High School of Arts, incubator for talents in art and design - Nantes

High School of Arts and Crafts - Angers

Design Agency, fields : street furniture, electronics, industrial, medical…

Lead and low melting point alloys foundry

Sheet metal manufacture and precision engineering, specialist in subcontracting for industrial projects

Sales and customization of DEJOIE mail boxes for individual customers and collectors