Manufacturing of aluminium finished parts

DEJOIE company will undertake your project to carry it out in developing or co-developing all or part of your aluminium casting part, machined, painted, treated (brushed, polished)

Aluminium protective housing
This aluminium protective housing is due to receive mechanical and electrical elements for regulation in the fluids distribution.

Made of aluminium, this protective housing received a specific top coat, integrating the machining of aluminium surfaces and a Alodine 1200 treatment.

Aluminium wedge for rope
The aluminium wedges for leisure boats are useful for receiving moorings and other ropes.

This aluminium wedge received a mirror finish polish and an anodization with a colorless protection. Subject to marine conditions, aluminium wedges benefit from anti-corrosive properties, which guarantee strength and durability.

Aluminium protective housing
This aluminium protective housing is meant for receiving an electronic card for the refrigerated trucks.

The coatings on this aluminium housing are as follows : drillings, control of flatness of the assembly surface and a monolayer painting with liquid application.

Aluminium table deck
You can find aluminium decks or legs at the base of tables or pedestal tables used in breweries or in the hotel business.

This aluminium table deck benefits from a special care taken to the finishing work : tapping and assembly of plastic wipes and mirror finish polish.