Sub contracting aluminium parts manufacturing

DEJOIE produces the mould (if non already existing) from a drawing, and the aluminium part. According to your needs, we intervene with subcontractors on the agreed steps, from the mould to the finishing works.

We can also propose our service offer for painting or assembly.

Aluminium connecting part for industrial fence
The connecting parts for industrial fences find their place at the linkage between the high and low parts of the fence elements.

Made of aluminium, the connecting parts for industrial fences benefit from the aluminium chemical properties and participate in the solidity and longevity of the fence.

Aluminium housing protection for conveyor
The aluminium protective housings are used for the protection of the conveyors drive parts (disc, shafts…) on the assembly lines.

The protective housings for conveyors are subject to mechanical strains and to many vibrations. Made of aluminium, the protective housings for conveyors benefit from the aluminium excellent shock resistance.

Ornaments for aluminium gates
End-pieces for gates are aluminium parts die-casting molded.

Assembled to aluminium gate profiles, the aluminium gate ornaments guarantee a precise repeatability of shape and specifications (corrosion resistant, standing the test of time).