Building Trade

Clôtures : pièces de jonction, manchons, sabots Dejoie
Pièces en aluminium Dejoie
Gardes corps : sabots, pattes de fixation, ornements, supports de rampe d'escaliers Dejoie

With a drawing or your general specifications, DEJOIE can cast any aluminium part or subunit according to your strength and surface finish requirements (painting, polish mirror finish, anodizing...), for the building sector (public and private) :

  • Fences : connecting parts, sleeves, shoes, for private individual as well as for high safety areas,
  • Gates : finishing end-pieces, ornaments, hinges, bearings, housings,
  • Railings : shoes, brackets, ornaments, bannister supports,
  • Inner or outer light bodies : wall and ceiling lights, lighting grids,
  • Porch : connecting parts, protection housings, handles.



From the study to the delivery :
from the raw part to subunits