Manufacturing of subunits with aluminium parts

May be you have an idea, a project, specifications ? From advice to delivery "ready for use", DEJOIE takes care of the complete manufacturing of your subunit, composed of aluminium parts and their accessories or equipments.

La Poste aluminium mail boxes
DEJOIE supplies La Poste with aluminium mail boxes since 1949, many design modifications have been made since then.

Every mail boxes are manufactured, assembled and painted at DEJOIE premises. Aluminium mail boxes can be customized to be distributed in France or abroad. The manufacturing of aluminium mail boxes benefit from the whole set of know-how of DEJOIE skills.

Aluminium machine finishing shell
This set of two aluminium half-shells is conceived to receive electronical and ornaments accessories while offering industrial design.

For the manufacturing of this aluminium subunit, DEJOIE mobilizes every know-how and skills, assisted design, manufacturing of aluminium shells, machining, assembly and finishes (brushing and car-like painting)