4. Did you know about Dejoie ?

Aluminium parts

In order to bring you more services and to provide you a complete service, we are able to take care of :

- Machining of the parts according to the established plans.
- Heat treatment of the parts (T6 tempering) to improve the mechanical characteristics.
- Surface treatment (anodizing, painting...).

We have an in-house semi-automated surface treatment line before painting, in compliance with the ROHS* directive.

Our structure has a solvent-based liquid paint booth with conveyor, different finishes are available :

- Finishing with the tint in direct.
- Primer + tinted finish.
- Primer + tinted finish + protective varnish.
- Other systems on request (filling primer + sanding for high quality finish).

We are able to offer you a powder paint, in subcontracting.

*ROHS is a European directive that provides legal preventive measures to limit the use of certain hazardous substances.

The Dejoie team