Aluminium parts

You have a project, a part, an assembly to be realized in foundry and/or in sheet metal work.

- We can help you define your needs and design your product
- We produce aluminum castings: prototype and/or series.
- From 50 grams to 15 kg in foundry or sheet metal work.
- Machined or assembled, with heat treatment and/or surface treatment (painting).
- Small and medium series: from 100 to 30 000 parts per year.

To meet your needs, our teams will accompany you throughout your project with the help of its know-how, complete production equipment, and a set of partners.

The production of a part can be divided into 6 steps.

At first, you can send us your project by email to our business manager: and on our address

To be the most efficient in the analysis of your request, please provide the following information to define your need :

- Technical definition of the product (The mass of the part, material, a plan identifying the different machining operations.).
- Use/functionality of the product (The technical and environmental constraints).
- Aspect of the product (integration in an assembly, desired finish).
- Annual volume and/or rate of production envisaged.

The definition (plan) of the product can be treated :

- From the existing product / assembly : we can propose the realization of a 3D scan.
- 2D files, paper plan in formats (PDF, DXF, DWG, Native SolidWorks, or other formats).
- 3D files in formats (STEP, Parasolid, Native SolidWorks, IGES, or other formats).

During product development we are able to study a new design, check the mechanical stresses of the product, and perform numerical simulations of the foundry filling, thus reducing development time.

The Dejoie team

We inform you of our store hours, Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Our store is closed on Fridays, we do not ship on this day.

Our office hours are from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

As a reminder,

The address of the offices :

10 Boulevard de la liberté
CS 88411
44187 Nantes cedex 4

The address for deliveries :

3 rue de la tannerie prolonged
(Entrance on the side of the boulevard Cardiff )
44100 Nantes

The Dejoie team .

The entire Dejoie team wishes you a happy new year !

We will be delighted to accompany you in your new projects.

The Dejoie team.

L’aluminium est un matériau totalement recyclable ;
100% de l'aluminium trié est recyclé. En recyclant l'aluminium, on économise des ressources naturelles et 95% de l'énergie nécessaire pour fabriquer l'aluminium en première fusion. il est soumis à une opération de refusion et d'affinage: introduit dans un four, le produit est fondu et dégazé.
L'aluminium peut être réutilisé afin de confectionner de nouveaux produits et de lui donner une seconde vie.

DEJOIE recycle donc l’ensemble des chutes de sciage ou systèmes d’alimentation, en l’intégrant dans la préparation de nos fours, à hauteur de 30 à 50% avec des lingots de 1ère fusion.
Nous envoyons les résidus de meulage ou copeaux, en recyclage en filières agréées qui les traiteront et affineront pour donner de nouveaux lingots.

Nous vous informons que la société DEJOIE sera fermée du Samedi 22 Décembre 2018 au Mardi 2 Décembre 2019 Inclus pour les fêtes de fin d'année. Réouverture le Mercredi 3 Janvier 2019.

Here is a tilting casting (called Durville casting) of a mailbox column made for La Poste until 2011. Dejoie continues to manufacture them for the yellow box and spare parts for the French Post or foreign post. Do not hesitate to visit the La Boite Jaune website by clicking on the following link: http: //

Dejoie - Electrostatic painting

DEJOIE foundry is specialized  in the aluminium transformation processing and manufacturer of mail boxes for the Post Company since 1949. Discover the latest changes brought to our production steps so as to increase risk prevention at work.Work & Safety n°763 dated july-august 2015 

In order to answer to a constantly higher request in the supply of finished products, DEJOIE increases its capacity with a vibratory finishing system.

Processing time for the deburring of pieces is reduced to 30% compared to traditional by hand methods. This investment allows :

- Optimization of processing times.

- Efficient deburring work.

- Improving of surfacing quality, particularly before painting.

- Operator intervention needed only for loading and unloading control.


This machine is perfectly suited for the treatment of 80% of the pieces manufactured by DEJOIE.


The mail boxes that you can see everywhere in town have been manufactured since 1949 at Dejoie aluminium foundry, in Nantes. Visit this institution which manufactures about 1000 mail boxes each year.


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