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Aluminium parts

You have a project, a part, an assembly to be realized in foundry and/or in sheet metal work.

- We can help you define your needs and design your product
- We produce aluminum castings: prototype and/or series.
- From 50 grams to 15 kg in foundry or sheet metal work.
- Machined or assembled, with heat treatment and/or surface treatment (painting).
- Small and medium series: from 100 to 30 000 parts per year.

To meet your needs, our teams will accompany you throughout your project with the help of its know-how, complete production equipment, and a set of partners.

The production of a part can be divided into 6 steps.

At first, you can send us your project by email to our business manager: julien.guillaume@dejoie.com and on our address contact@dejoie.com.

To be the most efficient in the analysis of your request, please provide the following information to define your need :

- Technical definition of the product (The mass of the part, material, a plan identifying the different machining operations.).
- Use/functionality of the product (The technical and environmental constraints).
- Aspect of the product (integration in an assembly, desired finish).
- Annual volume and/or rate of production envisaged.

The definition (plan) of the product can be treated :

- From the existing product / assembly : we can propose the realization of a 3D scan.
- 2D files, paper plan in formats (PDF, DXF, DWG, Native SolidWorks, or other formats).
- 3D files in formats (STEP, Parasolid, Native SolidWorks, IGES, or other formats).

During product development we are able to study a new design, check the mechanical stresses of the product, and perform numerical simulations of the foundry filling, thus reducing development time.

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