Aluminium parts

Here is a tilting casting (called Durville casting) of a mailbox column made for La Poste until 2011. Dejoie continues to manufacture them for the yellow box and spare parts for the French Post or foreign post. Do not hesitate to visit the La...

Dejoie - Electrostatic painting
Aluminium parts

DEJOIE foundry is specialized  in the aluminium transformation processing and manufacturer of mail boxes for the Post Company since 1949. Discover the latest changes brought to our production steps so as to increase risk prevention at work....

Aluminium parts

In order to answer to a constantly higher request in the supply of finished products, DEJOIE increases its capacity with a vibratory finishing system.


Aluminium parts

The mail boxes that you can see everywhere in town have been manufactured since 1949 at Dejoie aluminium foundry, in Nantes. Visit this institution...